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Office Succulent Solution, LeGrow Smart Garden Kickstarter

If you are a fan of succulents, I am sure you have stumbled across LeGrow Smart Garden Kickstarter campaign on social media. We did some research, reached out the guys behind this venture, and were quite impressed.

Immediately, I envisioned this stackable, expandable indoor system working well in windowless, low light offices. Because let’s be honest, there’s not enough wall-to-wall window corner offices to go around. I have one window in my office that has an epic view of our central AC unit; Lucky me!

LeGrow Smart Garden is a complete gardening ecosystem that simplifies growing and reduces mess. While that is great and all, it does something even better than that. It cures the most common problems succulent lovers face when caring for their plants: overwatering, under-watering, too much sunlight, not enough sunlight, and humidity issues. Essentially, this Smart Garden takes the guesswork out of caring for your succulents.

Going even further than that, this could be the answer for anyone who loves succulents, but does not live in an area suitable for them to survive. Imagine that world for a moment… Utopia.

So, how does it all work?
Each pot contains an internal water reservoir, which serves as an excess water capture, or a storage tank to reduce watering frequency. The pots contain an elevated ventilation hole on the bottom to reduce water and soil loss.

The LED Growing Lamp is a dual-bulb and provides the light a succulent requires to stay happy and healthy. So you and your precious succulents are covered year-round, with no windows, low light, and the dreaded winter season. ‘Winter is Coming’ would no longer be a thing!

The 360° Humidifier was designed to replicate mist in nature, and prevent your succulents from drying out.

The whole thing is powered using a USB charging Power Pot. There are 4 waterproof USB ports, and it even comes with a charging port for your smart phone.

Their Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, May 18 at 4:58 PST. For more information or to support them, visit