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Kokedama Succulent Ball Care Maintenance

What in the world are those succulent ball things???  Why, it’s a Kokedama Succulent Ball!

These beautiful, colorful, hanging gardens are based on the Japanese tradition of the "Kokedama" or hanging string garden ("koke" meaning moss and "dama" meaning ball), where a plant's root systems are wrapped in spaghnum moss and tied with string. This century-old art comes alive with a twist, using succulents as the plant of choice. Easy to care for and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Kokedama balls are a perfect accent to the home or office and require little maintenance. 

Dimensions: 5-inch diameter, made of a special mix of cactus soil, clay, pumice, and spaghnum moss, all hand-wrapped in high quality yarn and delivered in recycled kraft paper.
Under the order notes, you can add a personal note to send to a that special friend or loved one.  Perfect for Valentine's Day Gift, Birthday Gift, or a just because I know you love succulents gift. :) 


Kokedama Succulent Care Tips

* Make sure you set or hang your ball in a bright, well-lit area that does not get direct sunlight

* If you hang it by a window and live in a colder climate, make sure the ball is not too close to the window

* To water, the ball should be completely dry and light when held

* Place the ball in a normal size serving bowl halfway with lukewarm water for 30 minutes

* After 30 minutes are up, you can place or hang the ball again


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