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Arrived promptly and healthy. I would recommend this seller and will order again.

Loved Them!

I’m not a plant person at all. I bought these for my little cousin for her birthday because she loves plants. I must say when I had the plants a couple of days I was tempted to buy my own cause they were gorgeous. However, I do wish there were basic instructions on how to take care of them cause they started dying, but luckily my plant expert mother was able to save them. Other than that I have no complaints. Gorgeous succulents! Would love to order my own some day! Made a perfect gift box for my cousins 21st Bday. (No I didn’t keep them boxed while in my care)

Great service!

Great service, they are super adorable. Definitely a repeat customer.


They arrived beautiful and good condition. Dirty but that's to be expected. Popped them all together in a single pot. Love them!


I love my bear paws! They took a beating during shipping and arrived pretty sad and very fragile. I lost a lot of leaves. But after potting them and getting them some good light and a little water they have bounced back and are looking great! I can't wait for them to fill out!

Beautiful healthy little plant

Ny plants arrived exactly as ordered, packed well. They were shipped dry, soaking up a drink of water and enjoying my east window.

Mini garden addition

Arrived really good and one of them had a baby growing on the side already

So adorable!

Shipping was quick, packaging was done with care and my cotyledon white sprite are so cute and chubby 🤗

Packed and shipped so carefully

I was hopeful that plants would arive in good shape to my home in Texas, and indeed they did. They were beautiful little plants, packed dry for shipping. I drenched them, drained them, and put them in an east window. They are so healthy and happy.

Beautiful ❤️

I'm always satisfied with my order from this company, the succulents are always healthy and shipping is fast.


They arrived well packed and in good condition. Highly recommend this store. The customer service is terrific!

Absolutely perfect!

These were the cuties little things and they were incredibly healthy. What a wonderful product and company. Thank you - these will become holiday gifts.

Awesome plants

Excellent quality

beautiful plants

plants were well packed and arrived in great condition. i will order again.

Beautiful rosettes!

I ordered the 8 pack of 2 in rosettes and I absolutely love them! They arrived on time and in perfect healthy condition.

Great Variety and all arrived in tip top shape

Plants arrived well packed, in great shape.
They are all healthy and happy.
Would order again.

Perfect plants!

I am so happy with all of my Harddy purchases to date. The burro's tail plants arrived with barely a fallen leaf. Gorgeous plants - very healthy. Definitely will purchase again!

Very beautiful.

I really loved all of the succulents I received. Two things that made this four instead of five starts is that 1.) some the outer leaves were damaged by the pot next to it. Individual wrapping probably would have prevented that. 2.) there is no way for me to know what the succulents are, I wish there was a list that told you those things. Over all though, very, very nice.

Beautiful Jade plants

I am so blown away about the 2 Jade Plants I received today.
They are beautiful and so healthy and they were packed so good.
I am very impressed with Harddy, I have bought from other places and first they only send one which I get 2 from Harddy's for the same price.
The Jade I bought from Succulent Box was so puny when these plants from Harddy are full and bushy.
I highly recommend Harddy's anytime.
Thank you Harrdy


Came perfect shape good packaging even shared one with a friend will definitely order again

Lovely Plants

The plants arrived safely packed and showing little abuse from travel. All were healthy and have settled into my collection immediately.


There were fast on delivery and awesome on updates. the quality is fantastic. All the cuttings were in excellent condition.

beautiful little blue gems

Every one of theses plants arrived in excellent shape.They are currently resting in neutral light to acclimate to their new space.I will be placing them in an arrangement soon.Lovely collection!

Little variety

i recieved my succulents and was hoping for more variety in rosettes, i really wanted at least a black rosette and recieved only a couple different varieties. I also recieved 3 succulents tbat were wilted and hope they will survive, i planted them right away.

Color me Happy

Plants arrived well packed and in good condition. Will order again!