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Adorable Mini Succulents: Uses and Care Tips

Adorable Mini Succulents: Uses and Care Tips

Aeonium Mini Succulents uses and care tips

In recent years, Americans have been more passionate about gardening. And with the pandemic that hit the world in late 2019/early 2020, even more turned to this pastime! In fact, online sales of home goods and garden products soared by 63% from March to May of 2020.

Maybe you'd love to garden but either don't have the space or lack a green thumb. In that case, mini succulents would be perfect for you.

Read on to find out all about mini succulents, including their uses and how to care for them!

About Mini Succulents

Cacti have always been popular with those who want some greenery in their homes but either don't have time to nurture plants or lack the skill to take care of them. All you need is to minimally water them, after all.

So it's no wonder why succulents have become so popular. They're just as easy to care for as cacti, but this category doesn't just include cacti; there are tons of other beautiful, non-prickly, and colorful plants available!

Mini succulents have exploded in popularity because they're tiny, making them ideal for any space. They're 2-inch rooted plants that usually have thick and fleshy parts. These are what give them their beauty and allow them to survive in very harsh conditions.

Succulents are usually naturally found in deserts, which are usually extremely arid and hot. This means that even if you don't have a green thumb, they'll be very easy to care for (more on that in a later section)!

How to Use Mini Succulents

Mini succulents are just absolutely adorable. Maybe you're itching to get your hands on some, but you're not exactly sure how to use them. Don't worry; we're here to give you a few ideas.

Party Favors

Mini succulents as wedding favors, birthday parties, wedding showers, or even baby showers is a great idea! They serve multiple purposes, which means you'll definitely get more bang for your buck.

For one, you can put a few succulents on each table as centerpieces or decoration. A natural touch can go a long way, especially when each plant has its own unique beauty.

Once the event is over, you can then gift each guest with a succulent of their own. It's easy to give these party favors, as all you have to do is announce that every guest gets to choose 1 or 2 mini succulents to take home. Cleanup will be so simple!

Not only does this make the most out of your money, but it also reduces waste. Instead of trashing centerpieces and decorations after your parties, you can give your guests a living gift that they can remember your event by.

Decorations in Your Home, Apartment, or Office

What's great about mini succulents is they're tiny. This means that if you have any boring spaces, you can instantly perk them up by adding a mini succulent or two.

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, you can purchase a few of these plants to put on your windowsill in any room. It'll give your space a bit of a personal touch and make it feel more like home.

Mini succulents work excellently in office spaces too! Get rid of the feeling of a sterile environment and decorate each desk and even the common areas with mini succulents. It'll make your office feel more alive and welcoming.

Added Flair in Your Garden

Whether you have a few wilting places or a fully thriving garden, it never hurts to add some mini succulents! Even if you have a lush backyard, this type of plant can bring some different colors and textures to the overall feel.

As a result, you can create some different aesthetics in your yard.

How to Care for Mini Succulents

Are you convinced that you need some mini succulents? Then the next step is to find out what they need for care. That way, you can determine whether or not you're able to dedicate the right resources and time to helping them thrive.

Read on for some basic care instructions for mini succulents.


As with all plants, you'll have to water your mini succulents. But you need to be careful about over-watering them! In general, you should make sure the soil is bone dry between watering.


You might think that because succulents are usually from arid and hot places, that they'd love to be in sunlight all the time. However, that's not true! For optimal conditions, only place them in direct sunlight in the morning only.

If it gets particularly hot in the afternoon, you might need to move them to the shade temporarily.


Succulents should need minimal fertilizer, if any at all. If the type you have needs "feeding," just give it a diluted liquid fertilizer that's made specifically for succulents. You should only do this in their active growing season.

Add Some Mini Succulents to Your Life

Now you know all about mini succulents! And don't they seem like such a great addition to your life?

Not only are these plants adorable, but they serve so many functions as well. Whether you want to spruce up your home or share your love of them with others by giving them away as party favors, mini succulents are sure to bring great joy to everyone, everywhere!

So add some color to your life and get yourself an assortment of mini succulents. They're easy to care for, so you won't have to do much work at all!

Ready to get some mini potted succulents? Then take a look at our Unique Succulent Collection now!

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