Frequently Asked Questions


Scheduling Order for Future Date

  • Can I order now, but ship my order later?  Absolutely!  In the notes section at checkout, add what day you would like your order to SHIP.  We ship USPS Priority Mail from Southern California.  It typically takes ~1-4 days to arrive once it ships.  Most customers pick a Monday or Tuesday to ship out their scheduled orders.  You can also email us at with your requested ship date.  

Ordering and Availability

  • Can I choose the plants I want in a assorted succulent pack?  The nursery grower selects the plants and will be hand-chosen based on quality, variety, texture and colors.  We will do our best to accommodate special requests, but cannot guarantee availability. You can write your request in the comments during checkout, OR you can call us 760-456-9039 OR email us at with your special request. 
  • Why do some plants cost more than others?  The harder or longer a particular succulent takes to grow, the more it will cost.  Succulents that are fast growing, and produce offsets faster are usually lower in cost.  We will always provide you with the best succulents at the best price.


  • Do you ship succulents during Fall and Winter season?  Yes! We ship year-round.  It is important to note that all succulent varieties are not available year around.  Some go dormant during the winter time, and some during the summer.
  • Shipping to freezing areas?    Succulents will survive the trek to freezing areas with the purchase of a 72 hour heat pack.  Add it to your orders and try to be home when it arrives.  Hardy succulents will ship fine all winter long.  Soft succulents (what we primarily carry at this moment) will need heat packs.  
  • When succulents ship, will they be okay in a dark box for that long?  Of course!  Our nursery has been shipping for years, and rarely do they ever get complaints about the condition of their plants.  If anything, customers love the selection, quality, colors and fast shipping.  Orders will usually be in transit for 1-3 days.  Be aware of flooding, hurricanes, blizzards as these may delay shipping.  We may hold the order from shipment to ensure the safety of the plants.  
  • How long will it take to receive my shipment after I order?  We process orders and get them ready for shipping within 1-4 business days.  Shipments will usually go out Mon - Thurs.  Most orders are delivered by Thurs - Sat of the same week they are shipped.  If you have a special shipping request, please email us, or call us 760-456-9039, M-F 9am - 5pm PST.
  • What happens if the succulents break or die while in transit?  Photos of the damaged plants are required within 24 hours of delivery. Replacements are sent out when possible. Please review our Shipping Policy and Procedure, and Refund and Replace Policy for more information.
  • My order shows that it has been "Fulfilled" but my order has not shipped yet?  USPS tracking will occasionally not provide you with the most current tracking information.  It is possible your order has already shipped and in transit to you, but when you track the order it will show as not shipped yet.  Please wait a day, or contact us anytime if you have any concerns.  We will always ship your order as soon as we can.  

Plant Appearance

  • The color of the succulent I got is different that the photo?  More often than not, succulents will look like the product photo you see.  Some succulents change color throughout the seasons, peaking in color at certain times and toning down when it's dormant.  Some color gets lost from being in a dark box for a few days.  The colors will come back once you get the succulent sufficient light and soil.  

Hardiness Zones

  • What is my hardiness zone?  To find out your hardiness zone, Click Here