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Start Selling Succulents Online

Looking to start or grow your succulent business? Selling succulents online may be a great option, but it's not without challenges.

To get started, you'll need:

  • 2-4 high quality images per product
  • Unique product descriptions for each product
  • Competitive pricing , compared to all similar sellers across dozens of sites
  • Fulfillment logistics and costs

From there you'll need to set up your own website or storefront.

  • Etsy, Amazon, Ebay are your best marketplace options
  • Shopify and Squarespace would be your website options

By this point, as you can imagine, your costs and time involved have started to add up... and you haven't been able to sell anything yet.

Once your store is set, you'll need to start driving sales.

  • Etsy and Amazon will bring traffic, but you'll need to compete against the other sellers by spending on ads
  • Your own ecommerce store will give you a lot of flexibility, but you'll be responsible for driving every visitor
  • Once you have visitors to your store, you'll need to learn how  to convert them to customers

All of this will be done with ads, marketing, and conversion optimization.

  • Make sure you have active social media accounts
  • Make sure your followers are interested in your products
  • Test ads for the best ROI
  • Talk to your customers and focus on what is most important to them

Once you start selling, the final piece will be customer service

  • You'll need someone to answer pre-sale questions
  • Follow-up with customers after purchase
  • Immediately handle any customer complaints/concerns

For most people that's way too much when you're just getting started. It might be better to started with our Affiliate Program. You work on building an audience and we'll handle the fulfillment.

Start Selling Online with

A partnership with Harddy eliminates all of these headaches and dramatically reduces the learning curve. From day 1, you'll have a full team experts available to help you.

What's the catch? We expect excellence for our customers. Every plant, every order, every time.

Most marketplace websites will let you sink or swim on your own and take your money along the way. We will work for you every step of the way to bring out the very best of your business and you wont be charged anything until your products sell.

We don't charge flat rate or single percentage. Instead we will work with you on each of your products individually. We'll do a complete competitive analysis, determine the best retail price and go from there. Some products end up not being a good fit for our website and that's ok.

Not all sellers are the same, not all are products are the same, and we don't think they should be treated as such.

If you're interested in selling hardy plants online with or are looking for a partnership to propel your business, please contact us.