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Our goal to provide the absolute best succulents for sale online starts with succulents shipped directly from the nursery and ends with an unmatched dedication to perfect service. Every order is hand-picked for you, securely packaged to ensure safe arrival, and backed by passionate customer service representatives.
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Beautiful Plants!

First time ordering and will do again! Plants arrived in perfect condition and arrived quickly. Care instructions were a bonus!

Beautiful succulents!

succulents are full and beautiful, and packed so safely.

Nice plants

My plants arrived in great condition. I chose to transplant them right away. They seem to be healthy and thriving.

Beautiful plants

My Plants arrived healthy and happy. I did use a heat pack considering I live in Minnesota and the temperatures were around 20°. They arrived still warm. So I would totally recommend the heat packs. Great assortment.

Love them

Just as described

Great Customer Service!!

This was my first time ordering succulents online and I’m very impressed with the quality of plants I received, the shipping process and the customer service! All of my succulents arrived in great condition and I could tell they had been packaged with care. I love that they send email updates often so you never have to wonder where your package is and if something isn’t 100% to your liking Kelley is quick to fix it! You can tell they take pride in their business and they really care about their customers. I can’t wait to place another order and I highly recommend giving them a try!


My order arrived promptly. Making the trip from California to Michigan did no harm. They were packed so tightly they hardly lost any dirt! LOVE THESE!

Ice plants

The ice plants are received for in good shape. They were really cute and they Were really happy. Very happy with the plant and the service.

Great Buy

I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive, the price was too good to be true! I went for it anyway and was NOT disappointed. The little cuties came fast, secure and they're doing great. I think I ended up with a handful of extras and a few didn't survive the journey but I still ended up on top. Customer service was great, plants are great, experience was great. 10/10 would recommend and will order again.


Was very excited to get my succulent cuts . They all looked good out of the box . I got some new pots knowing I was going to need them for the new succulents. Potted them the following day and got myself a grow light haven’t had much sunshine lately very cloudy . I hope they do well.

Arrived as expected

My little plants were tossed quiet a bit in the mail but still arrived intact. This is my third plant purchase from this site and I will be back. Always satisfied with the prices and quality.

Nice little plants but didnt get the ones I mostly wanted

Plants arrived very well packaged. I purchased the 6 pack so was a little disappointed I didnt get the 2 plants that caught my eye from the picture on the website(the two middle plants) But they say they will send you what is in season at that time.

Very nice plants

I am very pleased with the plants. They got here very fast and in perfect condition. I enjoy their web site.

Arrived Perfect

I was worried about ordering online, however my beautiful succulent arrived perfect.


Arrived quickly and was as pictured.


This was my second order from this nursery. My plants were well packaged and, even though they were tossed around in the mail, they were not damaged, just a little dirt covered. Easy to fix. I can’t wait to repot them and watch them thrive.


100% recommend this nursery. They are easy to work with, pleasant to order from, the shipping is very reasonable, and they care about their products.
I ordered two 4 inch jades Arrived very quickly and they came in AMAZING shape. Added bonus, As you’ll see in my photos, I have been able to spread both sets out and now I have plenty of beautiful pink and white tipped jades all over my house.
They do arrive with dry roots so that they won’t mold or rot during shipping so I just placed them in a jar of water deep enough to cover the roots for a few days and their roots spread out and plumped up perfectly and all kinds of new roots have popped up.

Amazing plants

They came on time and they were all in amazing condition!! I love how harddy packs their succulents it definitely makes a difference! Thank you for my beautiful babies!

Nice plants

Happy with shipping turnaround, and really nice plants


I have to say I was skeptical about ordering plants from California to be shipped to New York in January. But they came excellently packaged. The heating pads were still warm and the pots only lost minimal soil. Very pleased!

Delighted customer

We ordered both the 15 piece rosette and 15 piece succulent cuttings and were very pleased with the size, quality, and variety of succulents we received.

Loved them

Beautiful plants came on time in a very well packaged box with a heat pack and instructions for care! This company takes pride in what they do and show excellent customer service they really do care about there customers.

Best source of succulents

Arrived in good shape and timely fashion


Arrived in great shape! Excellent customer service!

20-Count Cuttings

Everything about this business model is impressive! I found them on Facebook, selling as an individual in my area. Brilliant! SMS, texts, and EVEN a post to my FB wall after the sale! They certainly have it covered. No communication problems here!
I would love to give them 5 stars. Here's the BUT... some of the cuttings were very short and had no stem to trim and plant, meaning that I needed to remove some of the lower leaves which left hardly anything of a cutting. I know they'll grow!
Otherwise a pleasant company to do business with and I would definitely deal with them again.