Buying Succulents Online

Buying succulents online is quite different from purchasing them in person. When you shop in person, you are buying the plant directly in front of you. When you purchase online, you are technically buying an image of what you want. It's important to remember that succulents are just like humans; Beautiful and unique.

All computer monitors vary in color, therefore the plant you receive may not be the same color as the photo.

We recommend communicating with us before purchasing your succulents to ensure the health of your plants. We have a Question & Answer forum built in to every product page.  In our experience, the happiest customers are educated on these wonderful plants, and will provide an environment for their succulents to thrive. Check with us before ordering to ensure your succulents will thrive in the environment you are going to provide for them.

Ultimately, our team at Harddy want you and your succulents to be happy. We encourage you to communicate with us before leaving feedback, and give us the opportunity to make it right.  We love making people happy!  


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