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Buying Succulents Online

The online world is becoming a more and more popular place for people to shop. Buying succulents online might seem like a gamble, but if you take some time to do your research and make sure you know what you're looking for, the chances of getting lucky are high. Buying succulents online also means that if you get lucky, there's no limit on how many plants you can buy.

Buying succulents online is quite different from purchasing them in person. When you shop in person, you are buying the plant directly in front of you. When you purchase online, you are technically buying an image of what you want. It's important to remember that succulents are just like humans; Beautiful and unique.

Should I buy succulents online?

Buying succulents online means that you are buying a plant based on an image. Buying in person allows you to feel the potting mix, check for pests and see if leaves or flowers have been eaten by bugs. Buying in person also gives you the chance to talk to your salesperson about the best way to take care of your particular succulent. Buying online has its advantages though. You can buy 24/7 without worrying about store hours, and there's no limit on how many plants you can purchase at once!

If you're like me then when I start looking for something new, I tend to get sidetracked really quick; One minute my goal was finding a vase for my mum's birthday present, the next I'm looking at succulents or cats. Buying online allows me to research and not be distracted by other things in the store. Buying online also means that I can look up information whenever is most convenient for me, whether it's during my lunch break or while I'm relaxing before bed. Buying online makes it easy to find something specific; Do you want pink succulents? Buying online makes it easy to search through thousands of plants based on color, type, and size.

Trust the source, communicate, and purchase with confidence from

So many companies have used the internet to distance themselves from their customer. We do the exact opposite! We're active on every social channel, have an amazing customer service team, and ship directly from the nursery for quality control. Buying online succulents isn't a gamble if you know what to look for. Buying from Harddy is the best way to find exactly what you need, when you need it, and have it arrive on time at your doorstep. Buying Succulents Online should be easy!