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Our huge selection of live succulents and cacti can be a little intimidating at first. It's best to start by considering how and where you'll use them. Indoor or outdoor, low-light or heavy light... and of course, what looks the best to you. We'll help you take care of your new plants no matter what scenario you decide. We've created some starter packs to help you get started. You'll receive a fun variety of cacti or succulents perfect for any size collection.

Pretty Pink Succulent Assorted Collection | Small Pack -

Pretty Pink Succulent Assorted Collection

$14.99 - $46.99
Our Pretty Pink Assorted Succulent Collection is perfect for those who believe pink isn't just another color, it's an attitude. This collection will have nursery fresh succulents that range from
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Radiant Red Succulent Assorted Collection - 20 Pack | Small Pack -

Radiant Red Succulent Assorted Collection

$14.99 - $46.99
Our Radiant Red Succulent Collection is an assortment of any succulents that has red foliage. If it has a touch of red, red margins, red tips, or is just full
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Beginner Succulents

Succulents and Cacti are great plants for beginners because they are generally low maintenance and offer a lot of variety. Here are just some of our favorite beginner succulents for sale.

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Indoor Succulents for Sale

Looking to buy succulents for that urban jungle or desk? We have the perfect packs ready to go. Bring life to any room with one of these packs designed to fit your lifestyle. Every succulent we sell is guaranteed to arrive safe and healthy. Indoor succulents are usually easier to grow, need less light and low maintenance. We've also added our Pet Friendly pack because.. well.. cats! :) Let us know if there are any other succulent or cacti packs you'd like to see for sale in the future.

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Pet Safe Non Toxic Succulent Collection - 32 Plants | Small Pack -

Pet Safe Non Toxic Succulent Collection

$14.95 - $61.95
You'll never have to choose between pets or succulents again with our assorted non toxic pet friendly succulent collection. This plant pack will include a fun and colorful combination of
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Haworthia Indoor Loving Succulents - Assorted Collection - 6 Plants | Small Pack -

Haworthia Indoor Loving Succulents - Assorted Collection

$14.99 - $19.99
Haworthias love the indoors, and they come in all sorts of colors and textures so it made sense to make an assorted collection. These slow growing plants do well
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Windowsill Succulent Collection - 20 Plants | Small Pack -

Windowsill Succulent Collection

$14.99 - $46.99
Itching to fill in your sad, empty windowsill with succulents? Perfect! The Windowsill Succulent Collection were hand chosen by our grower because they love to be indoors near a sunny
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