Hanging Succulents

Hanging succulents are a great addition to any arrangement. So much depth and character, it might just be what you were missing!

How to care for your hanging succulents

With the exception of some babies and all puppies, nothing is more adorable than hanging pots riddled with succulents. Currently we have 18 of the most popular trailing succulent plants in wildly different shapes, dazzling colors, and stunning textures.

Compared to traditional hanging plants, succulents require much less maintenance. They’re drought tolerant and require 90% less water than traditional plants. Full sun, or any direct sunlight really, is not necessary in most cases, but each plant’s needs will be a little different. Simply plant them in your favorite hanging basket, be mindful of their light and water requirements, and neglect often. A windowsill that gets lots of shade would make a wonderful spot for most of these plants.

Their sprawling, trailing growth pattern and long stems make these an excellent ground cover. If you decide to plant these in your garden, make sure they can withstand the environment you provide them. If it gets too cold or too hot where you live, we suggest planting them in containers that can be easily moved indoors when needed. Read more about how to keep succulents alive indoors.

In the Spring and Summer months, these should start growing like crazy and will need to be pruned to control their growth. The best thing about a good old fashioned succulent prune is propagating new baby hanging plants. To learn more about pruning succulents, click here.