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Succulent Plugs: What Are They, Helpful Care Tips

Succulent Plugs: What Are They, Helpful Care Tips

Succulent Plug Pack

Succulent Plugs are a great value.  You get 105 assorted succulents during what I would say is their awkward adolescent phase. :)  

They often have young established roots and are sized somewhere between a succulent cutting and 2 inch plant. 

The will vary in height and growth pattern, and there is about 25 varieties offered in each plug pack.  

To ensure the best experience of ordering succulent plugs online, we recommend following these tips:

Check Your Weather, Add a Heat Pack

Before you place any order, always check your weather.  If temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend adding a Heat Pack to your order.  

The heat pack will ensure your succulent plugs are warm and safe through the shipping process.  

If you don’t add a heat pack and the weather is freezing, your plugs will arrive black and mushy.  And honestly, who has time for that! :)

Track Your Order and Note Delivery Day

Make sure to be home the day they your plugs arrive.

The plugs can handle the their time in a box no problem, but will love The Right Soil, air, and indirect light as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Plugs Immediately

Inspect the succulent plugs immediately, and let the seller know of any issues or concerns.  

Images and a brief description of your concerns immediately will help the seller resolve any issues with your order.  

Reputable sellers will replace any plants that are sick or dead on arrival if you contact them within 24 hours of delivery.

Do Your Plugs Have Established Roots?

Great!  Plant the plugs in soil, and start them out with indirect light for about a week or two.

Slowly and gradually give them early morning sunlight until their roots become established.

Do not give it a drink of water for about a week.  

The moisture in the soil should provide enough water for the plugs while they adjust to their new environment.  

Plugs With Baby Roots

Treat these like cuttings.  Lay them on top of fresh moist soil in indirect light and neglect them.  

Once you see more defined roots, follow the directions above for Plugs with established roots.  

Following these helpful tips will make ordering and caring for your succulent plugs easy peasy.  :)

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