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Tips for buying succulents online this winter

Tips for Buying Succulents Online this Winter

Tips for buying succulents online blog post

Buying succulents online is common these day. You get a better selection of plants than you would a local garden store, prices are typically the same, and they are shipped straight to your home. With Winter coming, and holidays right around the corner, we have a few tips for successfully ordering succulents online. Whether you are buying succulents for yourself or sending them as a gift this Winter, we want your online experience to be a positive one.      

  • Order the Heat Pack

Adding a heat pack to your online succulent order is vital to the health of succulents.  If in doubt, just do it.  Most reputable online succulent sellers offer a 72-96 hour heat pack that are activated right before they are shipped out.  

Succulents prefer warm / hot conditions and the heat pack provides those ideal conditions.

If you do not order the heat pack you run the risk of frozen, back mushy box of succulents.  It's not a good look.  :)  

It only costs around $4. Do it!  

  • We ship Monday - Wednesday During the Winter Months

Succulent orders by mail are usually delivered within 2-4 days of shipping.  This works perfectly with the heat packs and ensures the quality and safe arrival of your succulents.  

Shipping a succulent order Thursday - Sunday via ground is not a great idea. There are too many Murphy’s Law situations that come into play and are not attractive to a succulent seller.

If you need your order to ship on Thursday because you need them Friday, be prepared to pay significantly more for expedited / air shipping.  

  • Succulent Orders Typically Ship Ground

We ship ground unless otherwise specified to do so.  Shipping ground is the most cost-effective method to ship succulents.  In case you do not know what shipping ground is, it is shipping via semi-truck. These are uninsulated trailers bumping and traveling through all parts of the US and the varying climates.  

Just because it is beautiful weather where you are, does not mean the weather along the transit route will be.  


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