Creative Succulent Planter: Antique File Box

Julia Terpstra (check out and follow her IG page) used some of our succulent plants and an old antique file box to create this beautiful succulent arrangement.  Look out for more succulent decor design inspirations coming your way.  Enjoy!  :)

Antique Wood Filebox Succulent Planter

One of my favorite things to do is find interesting containers and use them as succulent planters. An old file box is great because it’s easy to add drainage holes to and its patina just gets better with age!

Old neglected succulents were replaced

Last summer I added a bunch of succulents to this box, but it was neglected since then, so it was certainly ready for a refresh!

Replace with fresh soil for succulents

The first step was to clean out the old plants and fill the container with new soil.

Harddy succulent cuttings

Harddy Succulents is my go to for succulent cuttings. They work great for a project like this.

First succulent planted in filebox

For this arrangement, I added a dramatic cutting in the center of the container to build off of.

Adding more succulent around the focal point of file box

Then I added in some matching succulents to balance it out.

Added more succulents to balance out design

I kept adding in succulents, using a variety of colors and textures. For example, I used a leafy succulent near a spiky one for contrast.

Keep adding succulents and contrast shapes textures

Keep adding in plants until you are satisfied!

Finished planting succulents with moss to cover soil and plant gaps

I like to add moss to cover any holes or dirt that are showing. And there you have it… a fun file box full of succulents that would make a great gift for your favorite teacher or students to welcome them back to school!

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