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Are Succulent Supposed to be Indoors or Outdoors

Are Succulents Supposed to be Indoor or Outdoor Plants?

Succulents are supposed to be outdoor plants technically, but they can work indoors as well.  In general, succulent species store water in their leaves, stems or roots. These are plants that have adapted to grow in arid climates with periods of drought where the ground is too hard and dry to allow for any other type of plant life. Succulents can be grown outdoors and indoors depending on what kind you choose and how much care they need.

Growing Succulents Outside

If succulents are grown outside then they need protection from harsh conditions.  What conditions would be considered "harsh?"  These would include:

Most soft succulents cannot withstand these types of weather conditions as well as most other plants do. However, succulents don't require a lot of watering which makes them perfect for beginners who don't have much experience with succulent plant care because succulents will allow you to forget about them for days at a time.

Growing Succulents Inside Your Home

If succulents are grown indoors then they don't need protection from harsh weather conditions and will thrive in bright spaces, but succulents do require more frequent watering than succulent plants grown outside so succulents should not be left unattended for too long unless you find that you enjoy the succulent plant care that succulents require.

What do Succulents Indoor or Outdoor Want?

All succulents, whether they are indoor or outdoor, in a perfect world simply want:

  • warm, bright spaces with early morning sunlight
  • watering when the soil is bone dry
  • fast draining soil

Succulents may come from arid climates but they can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on the succulent plant care needed. Whether succulents are grown outside or inside they still need to be watered so succulents are not a good fit for individuals who don't have succulent plant care experience.

Final Thoughts on Succulents Indoor or Outdoor?

Succulents come in many varieties, shapes and sizes, requiring succulent plant care that varies depending on the species. Whether succulents are grown outdoors or indoors, succulent plants want to live in a bright space with early morning sunlight; water when the soil is bone dry; and have fast-draining soil. For other related succulent plant care tips, look at other helpful articles we have curated just for you.


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