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How big do succulents get?

How big succulents get needs to be broken down by the type of species. If you provide the right climate and conditions for succulents, this is what you can expect from them. Also, if the succulent blooms, you can cut the bloom to promote plant growth. Basically, the energy it would have taken to bloom goes back into the plant growth.

Succulents that grow very fast

Echeveria:  Echeveria can grow very tall and wide. I have seen some Echeveria up to 8 - 16 inches wide, and about a foot tall. The larger the pot they are in, the bigger they can grow.  

Sedum:  One single Sedum is usually very small, with a width of about 4 inches at most. Some of the species sprawl, and one plant can easily cover 1 foot of an area. They are usually low growing, maybe 9 inches tall at most.    

Graptopetalum:  Like the Ghost Plant, the Grapotpetalum will grow tall and sprawl. One 2 inch plant can sprawl out to be 15 inches around and maybe a foot in height.  

Crassula:  These can get very large. Jade plants can become a medium to large sized bush. They just keep growing up to 6 feet tall. If they are indoors, their growth will be limited by the lack of energy they get from the sun.  

Kalanchoe:  I have seen some Kalanchoe that were very large. While it depends on the growth pattern, with a bloom these can get up to 6 feet tall. The foliage can get up to 28 inches wide at max growth.  

Graptosedum: A Graptosedum can get up to 1 foot tall, and if they sprawl, one plant can be up one foot wide.