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Succulent Growth Rate 30 Days Summer

Succulent Growth Rate 30 Days Summer

30 Day Succulent Growth Rate Summer

We decided to document what succulent growth looks like in 30 days over the Summer. The plants we chose for this experiment are (from left to right in image above) Pachyphytum oviferum - Pink Moonstone, Echeveria Lola, an Unknown Blue Rosette, and Crassula congesta. Many people ask how fast succulent grow, and the answer varies dramatically. The species, sunlight, watering schedule, pot size, and climate all play an important role in their growth.

June 20, 2019

June 20 Succulent Growth  Day 1

I moved the succulents from their 2 inch nursery plastic pots to a terracotta pot. The terracotta pots had a drainage hole and were slightly wider, 2.5 inches wide. We kept the original soil they were potted in and added some fresh succulent and cacti soil to fill the rest of the pot. The soil was still moist so no water was added. They were placed in an area on a balcony that provided early morning sunlight and afternoon shade. The weather high was approximately 70 degrees F high, and 65 degrees F low. Over the next week the weather temps averaged around 80 highs and 70 lows.

July 9, 2019

 Succulent Growth Rate July 9

The weather heated up (mid 80 high and 70 lows), and soil was dry so I watered them.  I also forgot to rotate the plants for even sunlight exposure so most were tilted.  

Crassula congesta: slight growth in height and width, maybe a ⅛ inch

Moonstone: New leaves forming on top of plant. I didn’t rotate the plant so it leaned towards the sunlight.

Blue rosette: No new growth, but a slight lean towards the sun.

Echeveria Lola: Also leaned towards the sun due to not rotating the plants. Some new growth from the center of the plant.

July 15, 2019

Succulent Growth Rate July 15 Summer

Soil was still moist so no water was added.  But I did rotate them and removed a some dead leaves from the base of the plant.  

Crassula congesta: filling in the pot, most active growth.

Moonstone: Growth spurt of about ¼ inch tall and slightly wider.

Blue rosette: It actually looks smaller and leaned towards the sunlight. Keeping an eye on this one. Might consider repotting it in new soil.

Echeveria Lola: A little growth in height, maybe ⅛ inch.

July 20, 2019

Succulent Summer Growth Rate 30 Days

Still no need for water as the soil was still a tad moist.  Always err on the side of no water.  Rotated plants for even sun exposure.  

Crassula congesta: No new growth to report.

Moonstone: New growth on top of plant, maybe ⅛ inch taller

Blue rosette: No new growth or shrinkage.

Echeveria Lola: A little growth in height, another ⅛ inch.

30 Day Report

The Crassula congesta definitely had the most growth over the 30 period, about a 1/4 inch in both height and width. The Pink Moonstone was a close second with ~1/4 inch height increase. Our Lola grew 1/8 inch taller. The Blue rosette stayed pretty compact. Because I don't know much about this plant, it could very well be at its maximum height.  Some succulents grow slow, some don't grow at all, while others grow rapidly.  You never know what mood they'll be in.  

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