Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants | Small Pack -
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants | Small Pack -
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants | Small Pack -
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants | Small Pack -

Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants

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Our assorted premium succulent plants are perfect for those looking for a variety of shapes, textures, height, and colors. These succulents are rooted in a 2 inch nursery pot, but the plant itself will be anywhere from 1.25 - 2 inches wide, depending on the growth pattern of the succulents. The images shown are just an example of what you will receive in your order, and show a larger and taller than usual plant to show the difference and variety.

Variety will include Aptenia, Calandrinia, Cotyledon, Crassula, Cremnosedum, Delosperma, Euphorbia, Graptosedum, Graptopetalum, Graptoveria, Kalanchoe, Plectranthus, Portulacaria, Sedeveria, Sedum, Senecio, and Tradenscantia.  

  • Most will come in their nursery pots, but some species grow too tall and must be sent bare root to keep the plants safe :)  
  • Currently we have about 20-25 varieties on hand.  Subject to change anytime based on availability, season, and quality

Cold Weather Alert - These Plants Prefer Heat

In winter months or cold weather, it is highly recommended you add a Heat Pack to your order. Get One Now

Customer Reviews

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The Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants that I received were in excellent condition when I received them. Nice quality and assortment received. Can't wait to get them planted. Will buy from this company again!

Hands down best succulents

I ordered 18 succulents 2 weeks ago. They were packaged in such a way that left me in awe. Most companies package their plants like garbage and when I get my order, plants are broken, soil all over the box and all over my plants. Harddy was exactly the opposite. Not one plant was broken, no misplaced soil, it was no less than absolute perfect. I deleted every site that I order from promptly after receiving my order. Then, I ordered again 2 days later. I've also noticed from other companies that when I order a succulent, i end up getting a "cutting" that was just placed into soil and nothing upsets me more than that! Harddy does not do this practice. They send sent me actual plants and not just cuttings sold as plants. I will never order succulents from anywhere else ever again. Seriously!

First purchase

With this being my first purchase, I was concerned because when I opened my box it looked like the box went for a couple upside down turns and the dirt was all over the box in side. The plants were still in their containers and looked ok when I removing my plants from the box. I read the care instructions and giving them a couple of days, they seem to be doing fine and I am happy with my purchase. I will diffidently purchase for the company again. Thank you


At first I was concerned about the quality of the plants when removing them from the box, but after reading the care instructions and giving them a couple of days I am happy with my purchase

Second Purchace and will be coming back!

Received my cuttings and they were lovely. A great mix and very healthy! They have all rooted up and are doing quite nicely!
Will be placing another order soon!


Pretty small two were so small I had a hard time finding them in the pot. Not sure they will make it.