Assorted Crassula - Jade Plants Collection - 4 Inch | Pack | Harddy
Assorted Crassula - Jade Plants Collection - 4 Inch | Pack | Harddy
Assorted Crassula - Jade Plants Collection - 4 Inch | Pack | Harddy
Assorted Crassula - Jade Plants Collection - 4 Inch | Pack | Harddy

Assorted Crassula - Jade Plants Collection - 4 Inch

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Crassula are considered one of the best species to start your succulent collection and education because they are so easy to maintain.  That makes our assorted Crassula Jade Collection a great option for beginners and collectors alike.  Crassula assorted packs will be full of color, texture, shapes and styles. Some of these will grow into huge bushes and shrubs and some will stay miniature.  Most of these are slow growers!  Will do well indoors and outdoors.
Species you may find in our assorted indoor succulent packs are:
Crassula Rupestris High Voltage, Crassula "Tom Thumb", Crassula Capitella campfire, Crassula Captiella ssp. Thrysiflora or Red Pagoda or Pagoda Village, Crassula muscosa or "Watch Chain" or "Princess Pine" or "Rattail Crassula" or "Zipper Plant" or "Lizards Tail", Crassula ovata 'Baby Jade' or The classic jade plant, Crassula ovata 'Undulata' or "Jitters", Crassula ovata gollum, Crassula ovata variagata, Crassula pellucida or "Calico Kitten", Crassula perforata 'Variegata' or "Variegated String of Buttons", Crassula perforata or "String of Buttons", Crassula platyphylla 'Burgandy'
  • Shipped individually wrapped bare-root
  • Variety will vary with each order based on season and availability
  • Not all varieties shown



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Customer Reviews

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The are healthy and beautiful, I will order again and would recommed this web site to my friends.

4 inch Jade Plant Pieces roots 0

All Jade pieces and no roots! I purchased the 4 plants and received a large number of pieces of 4 plants. I could not tell if the pieces were from 4 plants or leftover pieces from Table 4. Maybe I received leftover cuttings? Prior to ordering from your company I have purchased individual plants from Home Depot and they are far superior to the "plants" that I have received from you. Most all the pieces were cut off at soil level without roots. One piece had significant sub soil extension for it to be called, "with roots". Maybe I missed something but I believe this "Jade Collection" was not diverse and not with roots. I have been a rosarian, (300 bushes plus) and competed in shows and many other species and varieties of plants for 50 plus years and know "roots" I know that my order was not big, (4 plants plus shipping) but I was testing the waters of your company for future orders. I have already planted the pieces that I received or a photo would be forthcoming. I hope some of them grow.

4 inches better than 2

My order was fast and healthy. I have purchased the 2 inch plants in the past but the last group was 4inches. They are stronger and adjusted very quickly.I see new growth already. Some of them I could have split up but chose not to and they adapted quickly.


Did not receive my 1st order due to usps,contacted customer service and they sent my order right out and received it at a speedy time and plants is good shape. A+ to customer service.


Love the plants I got as I asked for color and 2 of them have red tips now after being in the sun for a few days.
I was surprised by the wrapping; it was difficult to plant them as they fell apart rather than stay clumped together for planting.
Now I know what to expect next time. Still love them and would order again the future.

Great Jades, strong plants

Great amount of plants, they all look healthy. Will definitely purchase again.