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Indoor Succulent Care Guide

A few tips about caring for your succulents indoors:

  • Green succulents do better indoor than the colorful ones.
  • Try out different types of succulents indoor to see what works best for you.
  • Succulents don’t like crowded compositions indoors, due to the the lack of sunlight they get inside. Give each one a little space if you’re making an indoor arrangement.
  • We recommend every time you water succulents, you fertilize them.
  • Give succulents as much early AM sunlight as possible, then bring them inside before you go to work in the morning, or the mid-day sun gets to them.
  • Water once a week, or when the soil is completely dry. When you do water them, fertilize them. Indoor potted succulents typically don’t have great drainage so it’s important to be careful to not overwater them.


  • If you re-pot a succulent for indoor use, place the potted succulent outdoors for 2-3 weeks so it’s roots can grow into the new soil mass.
  • When potted plants are indoors, the smaller the pot, the better. The lower light and temperatures of indoor environments don’t allow soil to dry out ask quickly as if they were outside.
  • Only move a succulent indoors once it’s soil has properly rooted.

Important Repot Tip

The best time to re-pot succulents is the Spring and Summer months. These months provide adequate warmth and light for proper root development. Winter would be the worst time to do this. Always use moist soil and do not water newly transplanted plants for 1-2 weeks.