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Proper Watering for Your Succulents

How often do I need to water?

  • This will depend on 3 environmental factors: heat, light, and humidity.
  • The hotter and brighter the environment, the more often you should water your succulents.
  • Allow the soil to completely dry before watering again.
  • If your plants are in small pots and are being exposed to intense summer heat and light conditions, they will need more water and fertilizer before the soil dries out.

What is overwatering?

The problem with overwatering succulents is not about how much water you apply, but how often you water. When watering, do a thorough job of evenly soaking the soil so the succulent roots are moistened. The Right Soil mix will make sure you have great drainage. It’s important to wait until the soil completely dries out before watering succulents again.