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Succulent Terrarium Care Guide

Tips to take of your succulents in a glass container:

  • Succulents in glass containers or terrariums look absolutely gorgeous, and are easy to care for! Anyone who says otherwise can kick rocks.
  • Glass terrariums lack drainage holes, so you have to be ultra careful with how you water them.
  • Water your soil just enough, but not enough to where there’s excess water at the bottom of the terrarium bowl. If this happens, the best thing to do is resoil your succulent terrarium.
  • You have to be careful with direct sunlight to your terrarium. Terrariums glass bends light, turning it into a magnifying glass. This results in scorched or discolorations to your succulent and cacti.
  • Terrariums are a temporary home for succulents. Make sure to monitor the size of your succulents and move them into bigger pots when necessary.