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The Right Soil to Use for Your Succulents

The right soil to use for succulents

No two experienced growers prepare their soil the same, but the end result seems to be successful.

Let’s talk about the mix - Your succulent soil mix should be made to drain fast:

  • ~60% Perlite #3 (Pumice is okay too)
    • Make sure Perlite is completely wetted, and unless it’s excessive, do not remove the fine particles of Perlite
  • ~20% Compost / Any good cacti and succulent potting soil
    • You could also grab Compost from your local dump and let it sit for one month.
  • ~20% Decomposed Granite
    • We suggest you use ⅛ screen to filter out the fine particles from the gravel. Add the fine particles you filtered to the soil mix. Use the gravel for the top dressing.


Mix the fine particles of gravel you filtered and compost / cacti and succulent soil together. Add this to the wet Perlite #3. Mix until it’s completed blended. A good sign your soil is blended is the Perlite is not showing on top. And there you have it! Your soil is ready to use!

Fertilizer for succulents and cacti

  • We recommend Schultz Liquid Nitrogen and Peters Professional, when diluted to ¼ to ½ strength
  • We recommend a diluted, balanced, or low nitrogen fertilizer should be used to each time you water your plant.
  • During the summer months, fertilize and water more often because the plant is actively growing these months. Increase nitrogen in the fertilizer Early Spring-Late Summer. Decrease nitrogen in fertilizer Mid-Summer, Winter, and any heat waves.