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Haworthia fasciata -Zebra Haworthia - Zebra Plant -
2inch Haworthia fasciata -Zebra Haworthia - Zebra
2inch Haworthia fasciata -Zebra Haworthia - Zebra
2inch Haworthia fasciata -Zebra Haworthia - Zebra

2/4 Pack - Haworthia fasciata - Zebra Plant - 2 Inch

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  • Premium, Hand-picked 2 inch Haworthia fasciata Zebra Plant Succulents
  • Shipped in their nursery pots

Zebra what, Zebra who?  

The perfect plant for anyone who loves Zebras.  This popular succulent stays healthy indoors and out.  Great for office plants, and anywhere really.  

Green with white stripes.

Full sun to partial shade. 

Hardiness: 9b, 10, 11

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  • Are these good succulents to have indoors?

    They are!  They are one of the most low maintenance succulents on the market. They do love sunlight though, so make sure they get access to direct sunlight for a few hours. Or artificial office lights will work fine too. 

  • Is it normal for the tips to turn brown?

    It is completely normal for them to turn a brownish / reddish color at the tips.  It is also normal for the tips and outermost leaves to get a tad brown and brittle. This will grow out. It honestly takes a lot to kill these plants.