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Echeveria Assorted Packs -
Echeveria Assorted Packs -
Echeveria Assorted Packs -

3/6/9 Pack - Echeveria Assorted Packs - 4 Inch

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3/6/9 Pack - Echeveria Assorted Packs - 4 inch
  • Premium, Hand-picked Echeveria Assorted Packs 4 inch
  • Shipped bare root and individually wrapped 
  • Variety will vary with each order based on season and availability

Roses are dead.  Echeveria rule! :)  

Important Note: If you prefer these ship in their 4 inch pots, please reach out to us first at  We may need to adjust shipping costs.  

Examples of species you may find in our 4 inch Echeveria succulent packs are:

Echeveria Blue Knight, Echeveria Captain Hay, Echeveria Colorata, Echeveria Melaco, Echeveria nodulosa aka Painted echeveria, Echeveria Peacockii, Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg, Echeveria pulvinata nova or Frosty or White Chenille Plant Echeveria, Echeveria Violet Queen
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    • Do the small succulents shown in pots come shipped in the pot?

      The short answer is, you can make a note at checkout with your preference and we will accommodate. The longer answer is we ship our succulents in the most secure way to ensure they arrive in great condition. Depending on how large the order is, the nursery pots and soil can add a lot of weight. In that scenario, we ship bare root.

    • Why are some of my Echeverias growing tall?

      They are stretching out to get more sunlight. This is a sign that the amount of sunlight your Echeveria is getting is not enough.
      If you do not like how it looks, cut off the very top of a rosette, and replant it. Or you can propagate each leaf into a whole new plant.  One stretched out Echeveria can easily become 9 healthy plants. :)