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Jade Assorted Packs -
Jade Assorted Packs -

2/4 Pack - Jade Assorted Packs - 4inch

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  • Premium, Hand-picked Assorted Jade 4 inch Succulents
  • Succulents ship individually wrapped bare root
  • Variety will vary with each order based on season and availability

Don't throw shade... Throw Jade!  

Assorted Jade Indoor Succulents are perfect for those small indoor decor projects around the house you’ve been meaning to get to. These particular succulents do well indoors, and add life and greenery to office spaces or in your home.  They still love sunlight so be sure to expose them to a little sunlight in the morning a few days a week.

Great beginner succulent!    

Our packs of assorted indoor succulents will come with a variety of Jade only. 

Species you may find in our assorted indoor succulent packs are:

Crassula ovata 'Baby Jade' or The classic jade plant, Crassula ovata 'Undulata' or "Jitters", Crassula ovata gollum, Crassula ovata variagata

Cold Weather Alert - These Plants Prefer Heat

In winter months or cold weather, it is highly recommended you add a Heat Pack to your order. Get One Now

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