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Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants
Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants

Assorted Premium 2 inch Succulent Plants

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  • Premium, Hand-picked Assorted 2 inch Succulents
  • No Duplicates on Smaller packs - We will always try to give you the best variety
  • Shipped in their nursery pots
  • Variety will vary with each order based on season and availability

Our packs of assorted 2 inch succulents will include varieties of Aptenia, Calandrinia, Cotyledon, Crassula, Cremnosedum, Delosperma, Euphorbia, Graptosedum, Graptopetalum, Graptoveria, Kalanchoe, Plectranthus, Portulacaria, Sedeveria, Sedum, Senecio, and Tradenscantia.

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  • Hi I would like to order a total of 16 planters. If I ordered 8 assorted of the 2in rossette and 8 assorted of the 2in premium succulents may I ask what the total would be? Need them for July 21 for a youth planting party. Thank you!

    Hi! We can definitely accommodate that. Please email us:

  • I'm ordering a few large packs (50), and read somewhere that they would be pulled from their nursery pots and shipped bare root. Can I choose to have them shipped in their nursery pots rather than as bare roots?

    If you are ordering 2 inch plants, they will all be shipped in their nursery pots, no matter how many you order. 

  • What sun exposure is best for the succulents?

    Early morning sunlight is best, afternoon sunlight is the worst. 

  • Does 4 pack have only 4 plants? Needing between 30-40 for thank u gifts

    The 4 pack does only have 4 succulents.  Where it says Pack Size... Hit the drop down menu.  Different packs of succulents are available there, including the 30-40 you need.  

  • Will these all be 2 inches wide or tall?

    Our assorted succulent 2 inch succulents are simply rooted in 2 inch nursery pots. They will definitely vary in height and width.  You might get some plants that are 4 inches tall, and others that are 3 inches wide.  

  • Are what's in the picture what the packs look like? (Amount, veriety)

    Yes, what you see in the image is an example of what you will be getting. Smaller packs of succulents will come in their nursery pots as shown. Larger orders will be pulled from the nursery pots and shipped bare root. We offer packs of 4-50 succulents. The smaller variety will not have duplicates, and the larger variety may have duplicates.

  • Do I get any rosettes if I order this pack?

    Yes, you will receive a variety of succulents with unique shapes and textures, and some of these will be rosettes. If you only want rosettes, we have an assorted rosette pack you can purchase. Typically, people looking for a good variety will purchase and assorted pack and rosette pack.