Bear Paw Fuzzy Succulent - Cotyledon tomentosa | Plant | Harddy
Bear Paw Fuzzy Succulent - Cotyledon tomentosa | Plant | Harddy
Bear Paw Fuzzy Succulent - Cotyledon tomentosa | Plant | Harddy
Bear Paw Fuzzy Succulent - Cotyledon tomentosa | Plant | Harddy

Bear Paw Fuzzy Succulent - Cotyledon tomentosa

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Attention bear and succulent lovers, we have the perfect plant for you.  This Bear Paw Succulent - Cotyledon Ladismithiensis is a fuzzy beauty with flat, plump leaves.  With the right amount of sunlight, the margins of these cute bear claws will create brown tips, adding to the wonderful texture and shape they grow into. It is considered a shrublet, and will bloom orange or red bell shaped flowers on occasion. 
  • Typically shipped in nursery pots unless it is too wide, then it ships bare root
  • Enjoys bright indirect light, early morning sunlight, and afternoon shade
  • Sold in sets of 2 or 4 plants
  • Hardiness zone: 9, 10, 11, 12

Cold Weather Alert - These Plants Prefer Heat

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Customer Reviews

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I love my bear paws! They took a beating during shipping and arrived pretty sad and very fragile. I lost a lot of leaves. But after potting them and getting them some good light and a little water they have bounced back and are looking great! I can't wait for them to fill out!

Cuteness Overload

I was so freaking happy to see my baby bear paws arrive unscathed! Such cuties!❤❤

Reach for the sky, Bear Paws!

Words cannot describe how incredibly cute these Bear Paws are! It's so hard not to touch them! They arrived in great condition except they had soil all over (which I expected since USPS likes to throw boxes all over the place, haha). Thank you so much for the care and my new paws ❤

Cutest little guys!!

Bear paw succulents are what made me want to get into starting my succulent family and I couldn’t be happier! They are just as cute as I hoped!
Do be warned, when you Succulent’s get to you they will be pretty dusty from their journey my my bears were healthy and have settled into their new pots happily.

Harddy is by far the Best

Sadly, USPS destroyed not one, but TWO separate orders of Bear Paws, the second being replacements sent since the first were killed during shipping.
When I got the second set, I saw that the box looked pretty rough and my heart sank. Sure enough, even though they were packaged EXTREMELY WELL, shipping was just so rough that they were shredded 😔. At this point I didn't even want to contact Harddy again, but I did and they were (once again) so understanding and helpful! They can't control what happens during shipping and they really package the plants as best as possible (better than any others I've ordered from), so I wasn't expecting them to offer to help any further. Harddy sure surprised me, they saw the pictures and they're sending ANOTHER set of plants 😭❤️ I love you Harddy, thanks for caring about us plant folk so much!!!

Bear paws and more

This order came very quick and was perfectly packaged and safe. They are beautiful!