Blue Tears Sedum Dasyphyllum | Plant | Harddy
Blue Tears Sedum Dasyphyllum | Plant | Harddy
Blue Tears Sedum Dasyphyllum | Plant | Harddy
Blue Tears Sedum Dasyphyllum | Plant | Harddy

Blue Tears Sedum Dasyphyllum

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The Blue Tears Sedum dasyphyllum is so darn cute and colorful you'll likely tear up when you receive it in the mail. This excellent ground cover is pet safe, frost hardy (Zone 5), ridiculously easy to propagate, and their colors can range from green, purple, blue and pink depending on its mood. 
  • Ships in their 2 inch nursery pots
  • Sold in sets of 2 or 4 plants
  • Color may vary based on season
  • Prefers early morning sunlight and afternoon shade
  • Frost Hardy succulents


Cold Weather Alert - These Plants Prefer Heat

In winter months or cold weather, it is highly recommended you add a Heat Pack to your order. Get One Now

Customer Reviews

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I bought 4 of these Blue Tears Sedums to plant in a unique container perfect for "trailing" succulents, see photo. Since I live in hardiness zone 8b (metro Atlanta, GA), frost hardy plants are always a concern. Much to my surprise, this succulent qualified! Can't wait to see them thrive and make long trails! They arrived healthy and in perfect condition. Thank you Harddy!

I really love these they are so delicate and beautiful

This is one of my favorite places to buy succulents. I got all four that I ordered in good condition. very pretty. They look like they have teeny tiny rosettes. Very pretty. If you think they would look nice in your garden or patio you should get them. :)

Healthy plants, very well packaged

I was so excited to get my blue tears sedum dasyphyllum in and I was so happy when it came. They are so healthy and they were packaged to perfection. Will be making more purchases in the future!

Love love love

Due to whatever issue with the post office, my first order was lost. Customer service was very understanding and beyond amazing and sent me a replacement. Came so well packaged, very healthy. Worth every penny.

So cute!

So, my order was held up in the USPS and took 11 days to get to me, but my they were still alive and viable when received! They are small plants... can't wait for them to grow! I would order from Harddy again.


Received this adorable sedum in a timely manner. It took a little tumble during transport but I planted it carefully and it has recovered! Thank you! I'm very happy to have it.