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2/4 Pack - Echeveria Cubic Frost - 2 inch
2/4 Pack - Echeveria Cubic Frost - 2 inch
2/4 Pack - Echeveria Cubic Frost - 2 inch

2/4 Pack - Echeveria Cubic Frost - 2 inch

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  • Premium, Hand-picked 2 inch Echeveria Cubic Frost Succulents
  • Shipped in nursery pots

These uniquely shaped rosettes sport gray, pink and lavender foliage.  The leaves are thick and look like contorted spoons.

Loves full sun to partial shade.  

Hardiness: Zone 9, 10, 11

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  • Can this succulent handle frost in the winter and full sun in the summer?

    It cannot handle frost or freezing temperatures. It can handle full sun, but not extremely hot temperatures.  It mostly likes Southern California temperatures.  It can also do well indoors with plenty of early morning sun exposure.  

  • Is the more of an indoor or outdoor plant?

    It's both!  Indoors would be ideal for this plant if you live in extremely hot or freezing areas.  Make sure to not overwater and provide a fast draining soil for it.  Outdoors is where this plant does best though, but you have to provide it with the ideal 50-85 degree F weather it thrives in.  It loves early AM sunlight, and with more light, this plant turn pinkish.  

  • Could you tell me what zone Oklahoma is in?

    Oklahoma zones are between 6 and 7. But, your plants will do well indoors if you provide good sunlight, ideally morning sunlight and are careful to not overwater. Succulents need much less water than usual when they are indoors.