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How to Plant Potted Succulents

How to Plant Potted Succulents

Succulents want pots with a drainage hole. 

They also want the right succulent soil, one that doesn’t hold too much moisture for an extended period of time.

Succulents are susceptible to to root rot if water sits in the soil for an extended period of time.


  • Be imaginative and create different compositions with succulent containers.
  • It is preferable to have a slightly larger container or pot and plant several succulents forming different structures, mixing colors, textures, etc. This will make it easier for us to take care of them than if we have a plant here and there.
  • Use mud pots. This porous material allows the aeration of the substrate and thus, even if on some occasions we overwater it will help to prevent the roots from rotting.


  1. We will begin by filling the container chosen for our garden with the right succulent soil.
  2. Pack the soil in lightly to get rid of air pockets and make sure the soil is evenly distributed.
  3. Use a finger, chopstick, pen or pencil to make a hold in the soil.
  4. Plants your succulent, root first into the indented soil.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have all your succulents into the container.
  6. Add a little more soil to secure your succulent’s roots.
  7. You can add a top layer of colored rocks to cover the soil, but that’s not totally necessary.

When you buy a succulent online or at a nursery, you can simply place the nursery pot into a beautiful pot, and you have an instant decoration.

Alternatively, you can transplant these easy-to-grow plants into decorative containers by following the steps above.

Succulents have shallow roots so that you can put them in shallow bowls or shallow pots.

Succulents cannot tolerate too much damp soil. Make sure containers have drain holes that allow excess water to drain out.

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