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Corpuscularia lehmannii - Ice Plant

Corpuscularia lehmannii - Ice Plant

Succulent Spotlight Corpuscularia lehmannii Ice Plant The Corpuscularia lehmannii Ice Plant is a wonderful addition to any collection, and makes a great ground cover. The funky leaves are a greyish-green and grow in opposing pairs. Each leaf has 3 angles and are about 1.5 inches long.

The name can be a bit deceiving, as Ice Plant makes it seems like it can handle freezing temperatures.  Spoiler alert, it cannot handle frost and freezing temperatures and will need to be brought indoors over Winters.  Learned this the hard way.  :(

It is also susceptible to stretching (etiolating) if it doesn't receive enough sunlight.  If it loses it's compact shape, you can cut the healthy compact new growth on top of the plant off and try again.  

If you live in a area that gets little to no sunlight in the freezing cold months, I suggest you purchase a full spectrum grow light to help it stay compact.

Small Young Corpuscularia lehmannii Ice Plant in blue wooden pot

These are exceptionally easy to propagate by leaf. Simply cut off a leaf and rest on top of soil in a shady spot until the roots form.  Some people like to speed up the rooting process by dipping the cut end into a rooting hormone powder.  It works well, especially if you do this in their active growing phase, which is in the spring and summer months.  

Perfect plant for those just getting into succulents. Great indoor succulent as well if you can provide it with the proper lighting.  

Mature Corpuscularia lehmannii Ice Plant Succulent

At full maturity, you can expect this unusual succulent to be 8 inches tall, and 12 inches wide. Prefers full sun in the mornings and afternoon shade. Indoors, make sure this gets around 4-6 hours of sunlight daily to keep its compact shape. Also, this plant happens to be non-toxic and pet safe.

Large and small Ice Plant Succulent in pots

We have this available in 2 inch and 4 inch sizes. Happy shopping and thanks for reading. :)
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