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Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis

Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis

Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis potted in containers

The colorful Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis is a succulent sight to see.  The colors are dependent on temperature, soil dryness and sunlight, you can count on this plant to tell you how it feels about it. In cold climates and sunlight, they typically turn a bright pink hue.

Cold to these is not your traditional though.  It's more of a "Southern California cold", if you catch my drift.  35-40 degrees F and above are ideal. 

These are not cold hardy and will freeze and rot out if left unattended in freezing Winter environments.  Think of the pink as a warning that it's stressed and needs some warmth.  

Young Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis succulent in wooden container

The leaves have a beautiful consistency in their shape and color.  The middle of them mostly stay green, while the margins turn all sorts of colors, from cream to pink, to bright pink.  Every leaf color will be unique, but they will share the same oval, scalloped edges.  

Mature Aurora Borealis Kalanchoe Succulent

All Kalanchoe are active Winter growers.  You will notice they bloom and grow rapidly. Their blooms are exquisite dangling orange flowers.  

In the Summer, you can expect these to slow their growth rate down significantly.

While these are very resilient plants and can withstand full sun in the Summer months, they would ideally prefer to only get 1-3 hours of direct sunlight during these months.  

You can bring these indoors as long as you provide it with bright indoor light.

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi Succulent Aurora Borealis

This is a vertical growing shrub succulent.  The stems spread out and root along the ground to form large bush colonies.  Left to their own devices, they would take over an entire area over a long period of time.  

They can grow up to 3 feet tall in the perfect conditions and spread their babies via the margins on their leaves.  This makes it a great ground cover option in warm climates year-round.  

They are very easy to propagate by leaf, stem and margin baby offset.  We have these available year-round, and you can shop them by clicking here.  We sell them in sets of 2 and 4 plants.  


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