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Graptoveria Debbie

Graptoveria Debbie

Small and Large Graptoveria Debbie We turn our attention to the perfectly purple Graptoveria Debbie in this succulent spotlight. This Pet Safe hybrid is a lovely combination of Echeveria and Graptopetalum amethystinum. It has a light white coating of farina that helps give this a pastel purple coloring and protects the plant. Does not like frost and prefers temperatures to stay above 50 degrees F.  Definitely bring these indoors over the Winter if temperatures get cold.  Zones preferred are 9, 10 , 11.  

Graptoveria Debbie 2 Inch Plant

The 2 inch Debbie will typically have a purple center and the outside leaves will be a pale gray color. It will start out as a loose rosette shape.

Graptoveria Debbie 4 inch Plant

A mature Debbie will have deeper purple color and grow into a more compact rosette. Can grow to be 8 inches wide. In the Spring and Summer with ample sunlight, the whole plant will turn the same purple color. In the Fall and Winter the outside leaves will turn a pale gray.

Graptoveria Debbie looks great in potted containers

You can expect it to produce offsets in the Spring and Summer months. Also easily propagates by leaf. Will keep its purple color year around. Prefers early morning sunlight outdoors, bright light indoors, and afternoon shade. Blooms a pink flower in late Spring / Early Summer.

2 inch and 4 inch Graptoveria Debbie

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