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String of Pearls Succulent Spotlight

String of Pearls - Senecio

String of Pearls succulents small and large

I can't remember the last time we went a day without selling our String of Pearls, and it's no surprise. This is by far of our best selling succulent plant.  Maybe it's because they do well indoors with indirect bright light.  Or because they are extremely low maintenance plants (once you figure out their placement).  Personally, I love them because they hang.  

String of Pearls in terra cotta

The difference between a small and mature Senecio rowleyanus is not visual.  Their green color, vine stem, round plump pearl shaped leaves are the same. With maturity, the plant continues to sprawl as it grows, till it inevitably hangs down the pot.  

One difference I have noticed is how much more sensitive a young String of Pearls is than a mature one.  While they are both sensitive to direct sunlight and overwatering, the smaller ones are far more dramatic. In their ideal world, they prefer temperatures to stay between 50 to 85 degrees, have access to bright shade all day, and an occasional healthy drink of water, fast draining soil, and a pot with a drainage hole or 4. 

Mature Senecio String of Pearls Ceramic Pot

In the proper conditions, this hanging plant will grow like crazy in the Spring and Summer months.  Speaking of growing, two important things. Constantly prune these if you want to keep them away from pets and children.  If you have pets, make sure to keep these away from them. These are toxic if ingested.  If you have curious cats or dogs, I would suggest purchasing succulents that are pet safe and non toxic.  

Also, when you prune these, you have a great opportunity to propagate them into new plants.  Simply place the cut end into the soil, store it in a shady area until it roots, then provide bright shade.

Small and large String of Pearls in pots 

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