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Echeveria Morning Beauty Succulent Spotlight

Echeveria Morning Beauty

Echeveria Morning Beauty potted succulents

The Echeveria Morning Beauty is a gorgeous pastel purple, blue and gray colored rosette. It loves early morning sun and afternoon shade, and prefers temperatures to stay between 50 and 90 degrees.  Will need to bring this one indoors if it gets too hot or cold and need sunlight to keep its compact shape.  

Large and small Echeveria Morning Beauty

The differences between a 2 inch and 4 inch are slight but significant.  The 2 inch tends to have a looser rosette shapes and thin leaves, while the 4 inch has a more dense rosette shape and the leaves are plump.  In the Spring and Summer, you can expect the tips and margins of these to turn a slight pink to red hue.  Succulent stress also occurs in the Winter with exposure to moderately cold temperatures, and dry soil stress.

Echeveria subsessilis Morning Beauty in 4 inch ceramic pot

This plant produces offsets in the early Spring and Summer months.  It also blooms a lovely yellow to orange flowers around this time.  The blooms start out erect, but the weight will curve them over as time passes.  Feel free to remove these whenever you see fit. 

Ceramic pot Echeveria Morning beauty 4 inch

In the winter months, you can expect growth to come to a halt, as it goes through a dormant phase around this time.  This can be easily propagated by leaf, cutting or by removing the offset from a mother plant.  


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