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The Amazing Benefits of Succulents in Your Apartment

The Amazing Benefits of Succulents in Your Apartment

The Amazing Benefits of Succulents in Your ApartmentSucculents are steadily increasing in popularity in both workplaces and apartments, and for the right reasons.

They are not only beautiful, unique and pleasing to the eyes, but also come with a variety of benefits.

Ranging from your health to your comfort to the overall environment in your home, there’s a lot these little plants have to offer.

So without further ado, let us walk you through all the amazing benefits of having succulents in your apartment.

Brighten Up Your Home Environment

Succulents are nothing like any other plant.

They look very unique and lively with their thickened stems or leaves and can bring any type of environment to life.

This is one of the reasons they are commonly used in work environments as they make the surroundings feel livelier while helping with concentration and productivity.

They are an evergreen plant so they add green to your apartment no matter the climate out there, but they also do get into their best in season, when they blossom and turn even more beautiful.

Work as a Natural Air Purifier

A particular NASA study revealed having the right plants in your home will help make sure you breath better, as they go a long way in helping improve the overall quality of air.

Succulents like aloe and snake plants are particularly good at purifying the air in your home, but the other ones help improve the air quality as well.

Succulents reduce and even eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air which are known to cause a range of respiratory issues, while also absorbing harmful gases like ammonia and benzene.

Make Your Apartment More Comfortable

Studies have found that the ideal humidity range for your room is 30 to 60 percent with respect to your health and comfort. However, it’s not uncommon for the humidity range to be well short of 30 percent, especially in the summer and winter when the humidity levels take a hit.

Prolonged exposure to a low humidity environment can slowly lead to some serious health issues like respiratory problems, fatigue, and a decrease in your overall well-being.

However, the same study we referenced above states that having plants in your room can significantly increase the humidity levels.

In fact, this particular study found that in one case, it took the humidity level from 25 percent to 30 percent, which is not an excessive increase but helps push the humidity levels in the recommended range.

Considerable Reduction in Stress Levels

In 2008, an environmental psychology student set out to prove the already-accepted notion that the presence of plants helps reduce stress. The study involved putting the participants into a difficult, stressful situation, but in two different rooms, one with no plants and the other heavily planted.

Based on the significant difference in the skin conductivity between the participants sitting in the two different rooms, it was proved that the presence of plants can have a considerable positive effect in reducing stress.

In addition, the study also found that the participants sitting in the heavily planted room recovered much faster from the stress the situation caused them, compared to the ones sitting in the room with no plants.

More Oxygen, Less Carbon Dioxide

Succulents have a clear edge over their other plant counterparts in that they do not emit carbon dioxide even at night, and always add oxygen to the environment all through the day and night.

If you don’t already know, extra oxygen improves your breathing and is great for your overall health. It also makes the air feel much fresher, which is a delight to breathe after being back from a long day at work.

Healthy and Youthful Skin

Succulents can also help you improve your skin health for the same reason we discussed above. Oxygen is one of the most important elements of your overall skin health, as it helps produce elastin and collagen, which are basically the two important proteins that are needed to make your skin look healthy and youthful.

Some particular succulents are also believed to help with dry skin, which is a common skin health issue. For instance, cacti – a popular succulent – can help reduce dry skin by up to 20 percent.

No wonder most of your beauty products have one of these succulents as one of their important ingredients!

Improves Concentration and Memory

Succulents not only help improve your productivity at work, but they also help increase your concentration and memory.

Studies have found that just by having the right plant around you can make you focus better with improved concentration, while also giving a considerable boost to your memory.

Getting a little specific, some studies put these improvement figures at around 15 percent, while also saying that having a plant around would boost your mood and overall happiness as well.

This is definitely something that can turn out to be more useful than it might seem, especially as mental health issues like depression and anxiety get more common.

Lower Noise Levels

Did you ever imagine having succulents in your apartment can also make your home a quieter place? We didn’t either!

But it’s a fact that plants reduce noise levels in any particular environment or setting in a variety of ways. The parts of a plant like stems and leaves have been found to absorb the sound in their environment.

The thicker and fleshier the stems and leaves, the better they perform at absorbing the sound. This is the reason succulents have quite an edge here as well over other plants.

Other ways in which plants help reduce sound in your apartment include noise deflection and sound wave refraction.

When sound hits these thick-leaved plants, it will cause vibration, which turns some of the sounds into other forms of energy while also deflecting a good bit of it around, so you’re left with considerably less to deal with than you would without any plants in your surroundings.

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