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Blooming Succulents Tips: When Succulents Flower

Blooming Succulents Tips: When Succulents Flower

Blooming Succulents Tips Few things are more exhilarating than finding the first hint of a bloom forming on your succulent or cacti.

There is no set time a succulent can bloom, due to different environments and climates they are exposed to, and what type of succulent you have.

Oftentimes, most succulents bloom in the Spring and Summer months.

A few things to consider when you notice your bloom

Do you want it to bloom?

If Your Answer is a Resounding “YES!”

Make sure to give the plants some extra time in the sunlight. An hour more sunlight than usual would be ideal. It takes extra energy to push out a bloom, so a tad more sun time will do the trick.

If You Don’t Want it to Bloom

Cut the bloom off at the base using a set of pruners. The energy it would have used to push the bloom out will now go into growing the plant or producing offsets.

Once the flower of the bloom dies, it is perfectly safe to cut the bloom off at its base. No reason to keep it there. While you’re at it, remove any dead leaves at the bottom of the plant for great plant maintenance. :)

Blooming Succulents Broken Down by Species


Tend to bloom in the Spring and Summer, but you’ll notice a bloom or 2 occur in the early Fall. The colors vary by type, but will often be long yellow, white, pink and orange flowers.


Mostly get small white flower blooms in the Spring and Summer months.

Echeveria and Kalanchoe Panda Plant Bloom Crassula

Develop blooms of small to medium sized yellow and white flowers in the Spring and Summer.


Will bloom red, yellow, orange and white flowers typically in Fall and Summer months.


Will usually bloom in the Winter to Spring months and the colors will vary between orange and yellows for the most part.

Kalanchoe and Crassula Bloom Senecio

These hanging and tall succulents usually bloom long stemmed white flowers in the Spring and Summer.


Blooms a white medium sized flower usually in the Spring months.


Will bloom a lengthy thin green stalk bloom with a star-shaped white flower.


Blooms a fairly large white bloom and middle center in the Fall and Summer months.

Opuntia, Echinocactus, and Notocactus

Expect yellow blooms on the very top of the cacti in the late Spring to Summer.


These are monocarpic, which means it will bloom once before it dies. The bloom is quick, aggressive and big. Goes out with bang.

Monocarpic Succulent Blooms Aeonium and Sempervivum 


Also monocarpic. They will bloom yellow, pink and white small flowers and then they will die off.


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