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Best Succulents for Office, Low Light Environments

Best Succulents for Office, Low Light Environments

Find out what the best succulents for office settings are here.

Succulents and low light office environments do not typically mesh, but thankfully some succulents have naturally adapted. After a thousand hours of researching (that’s a lie), we have three wonderful succulents species to choose from.

Succulents store water in their thick fleshy leaves and ration out the water to survive desert like conditions… So an office-like environment is basically a walk in the park.

These succulents will be content with little to no attention 16 hours a day during the workweek, forgive you for forgetting to water them, and won’t mind that you go on business trips often.

They are living things and will have basic needs. So water them sparingly, give them sunlight when you can, and they will do just fine.

Setting aside a few minutes to care for your office succulents can give you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of work. Plus, caring for your plants is a proven stress-reliever and is totally therapeutic. Balance your work life with office succulents.

The best office succulents are:

Aloes: They won’t grow much in low light environments, but they will liven things up. If you spoil them with sun, they thrive, and some will even produce beautiful flowers as a reward. And… they open their stomata at night to absorb CO2 and release oxygen. Perfect for that stuffy office space!

Aloe Succulents

Aloe Oik. Beautiful aloe. Deep green fringed in red
Aloe Plant - DIY Complete Dish Garden Set with Galvanized, Burlap trimmed planter, River Rocks and Soil.
Mature Jeweled Aloe Hybrid, Aloe Distans. Forms upright, clustering rosettes.
Succulent Plant Aloe Delta Dawn. Beautiful aloe. Light green and white aloe with pink/orange covering its leaves.
Succulent Plant Coral Fire Aloe. A beautifully different shape and color.
Aloe Blizzard PPA
Gasteraloe: The love-child of a Gasteria and Aloe Vera. The Green Gold Gasteraloe is an excellent addition to any office desk. It will require indirect sunlight to live, so keep that in mind.

Gasteraloe Products

Succulent Plant Medium Gasteraloe Green Gold. Beautiful aloe. Beautifully colored bright green with gold variegation throughout.
Succulent Plant Large Gasteraloe Green Gold. Beautiful aloe. Beautifully colored bright green with gold variegation throughout.
Jade Plant: So, here’s the thing… Jade plants are great office succulents. BUT unless they are 10 years old, they will need about 4 hours of sunlight. And you will need to train your Jade to get used to decreased light. If you can’t do this or find a 10-year-old Jade, I would suggest sticking to the Aloe and Gasteraloe.

Jade Products

Succulent Plant Medium Compact Mini Jade Compacta. A beautifully colored jade with dark green leaves rimmed in burgundy.
Large Succulent Plant Ripple Jade Wavy Rippled Green Petals Wonderful Addition to Drought Tolerant Landscape
Succulent Large Plant Jade 'Gollum'
Succulent Mature Plant 'Hummel's Sunset Jade'. A beautiful colored plant in the Jade family. Deep green with splashes of reddish orange.
Succulent Plant Mature Silver Dollar Plant. Beautiful green fleshy leaves.

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