Happiest Succulents On Earth, Disney’s Environmental Stewardship

There have been many recent developments at Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, and one of them is the landscape installation of the happiest succulents on Earth! Disneyland recently planted a plethora of succulents all along Disneyland Drive, Downtown Disney and inside their parks. You do not need a pass to their Parks to view their succulent delights.  Shop, or grab lunch in Downtown Disney (I highly recommend Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, BBQ Shrimp and Grits, yum) and snap some photos of these waterwise beauties. Disney is known for their attention to details, and their incorporation of succulents is no exception.  Their variety of succulent species you will come across in Downtown Disney is impressive.  You just have to see it for yourself; the pictures do not do it justice. “They are lovely in shape and color and in their diversity,”  says Adam Schwerner, Disneyland’s Director of Horticulture and Resort Enhancement, when asked why he decided to use succulents in their landscaping.  “They satisfy our desire to reduce water usage.” Reducing water usage is just one of the areas of focus for The Walt Disney Company’s Environmental Stewardship goals.  Considering succulents require 90% less water than traditional plants, this is a huge step. Walt Disney himself said “The natural resources of our vast continent are not inexhaustible. But if we use our riches wisely, if we will protect our wildlife and preserve our lakes and streams, these things will last us for generations to come.” When asked if Schwerner had a favorite succulent on property he could not decide but pointed out an unusual one. “No, that is really not possible,” said Schwerner.  “Too much to love.  In the planting on the [Downtown Disney] bridge, I really do like the variegated pony tail palm (Beaucarnea ‘Gold Star’). It is unique and curious.” Succulents were chosen because of their drought friendly qualities, their ability to blend seamlessly with other plants and their general energetic and cheerful disposition. Thankfully, succulents are being incorporated into more commercial landscapes now more than ever. For more information on The Walt Disney Company’s Environmental Stewardship, click here. Downtown Disney succulent BP