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Pros of Using Succulents for Decor at Weddings

Pros of Using Succulents for Decor at Weddings

The succulent craze has taken over weddings in recent years. They are easy to maintain, have the ability to grow in virtually any climate, and are considered by some to be more ecologically sustainable than flowers. If you're looking for something different that will cause your guests to do a double-take, succulents may just be what you need!

The Succulent Craze Has Taken Over Weddings

Succulents are succulent plants that are native to arid parts of the world. The succulent craze has taken over weddings in recent years and succulents have been one of the most popular choices for centerpieces, aisle decor, and décor accents. Succulents are easy to maintain, require copious amounts of light, and there's a species that can thrive in virtually any climate. They also last more than a week thanks to their ability to store water and go dormant during dry spells.

The succulent craze is not without some controversy as succulents can be difficult to care for if not properly tended. Basically, they shouldn't be watered as often as normal plants. They also shouldn't be exposed to freezing temperatures and hot afternoon sun. However succulents do live longer than traditional flowers which need to be replanted at least every few days or they will start wilting.

Succulents are More Ecologically Sustainable than Flowers

Succulents are great for the environment because they require less water than traditional flowers and don't need fresh cuttings. Other pros of using succulents for decor at weddings include:

  • no matter the weather or time of year your wedding is, there's always a succulent species you can count on to thrive
  • they last forever thanks to their ability to store water and propagate
  • succulents cuttings and leaves can be turned into rooted plants quickly in the spring and summer months

Succulents are Double-Take Wedding Decor

Looking for something different to make your guests do a double-take? Succulents may be the solution! In the past, succulents were mainly used for window boxes or desert garden scapes, but they have been catching on more and more with the idea of succulents being used as wedding decor.

Many of our customers have used succulents for their weddings in various ways. They have planted them in pots for tables, incorporated them into event designs such as table numbers, or even succulent centerpieces.

The addition of succulents at the wedding gives the personal touch that many couples may be looking for, and succulents can make a great, statement succulent garland to use across mantels or along head tables. Plus succulents are relatively easy to maintain which makes them perfect for wedding event design.

Many succulents are easy to propagate by removing pups, cuttings, or leaf cuttings, and succulent weddings are all the new rage for the foreseeable future. They can easily be made into succulent boutonnieres or corsages, succulent favors for guests, succulent wreaths for the ceremony aisle, and more.

So if you're looking for something different to make your guests do a double-take, succulents may be the solution!

Here are some great succulent pack options to consider using for your upcoming wedding event:

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