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Painted Echeveria Nodulosa

Painted Echeveria nodulosa

Painted Echeveria nodulosa Succulent Spotlight

The Painted Echeveria nodulosa is a stunning rosette packed with wonderful robust colors.  And just like any colored Echeveria in the world, it is very needy and temperamental.

Being a native of central Mexico, this plant loves warm weather and bright sunlight.  In fact, it needs so much sun to keep its compact shape.  When they don't get enough sun, expect this plant to be unforgiving.  It'll be the first plant to stretch out to let you know it's unhappy with where you planted it in your garden or home.

If it does stretch, the easy fix is to prune the compact top part of the plant and plant that in soil.  You basically treat and care for it like a cutting.  

These prefer to be outdoors, but not in freezing weather.  Weather under 40 degrees will damage this plant overnight. 

With the right amount of artificial sunlight in seasons where there isn't lots of sunlight, they will be fine.  I'd say about 9-12 hours of exposure to artificial sunlight would be great. A windowsill that only gets a few hours of sunlight in the morning will not cut it for this Echeveria.      

The foliage and shape of this plant is what makes it so appealing. It has a red to burgundy primary color streaked within the leaves and around the margins. The rest of the foliage is a greenish color.  The shape of the leaves is uniquely longer than other Echeveria rosettes.  Also, the leaves aren't as plump.  It's almost like if Aeonium and Echeveria had a love child.  

At full maturity, this plant can get up to 8 inches tall, and about 9 inches wide. Expect a large, colorful plant in the right conditions. 

In the spring and summer months, they create an aggressively tall bloom.  It is almost 1 foot tall.  It's not one of the more beautiful blooms, but the pink or yellow bell-shaped flowers it produces looks great. 

Important to note that when they bloom, mealybugs and aphids can't resist them.  Check around the blooms often to ensure to keep your plant is free of these pests.  The easy fix is to remove the bloom if you notice mealybugs or aphids starting to populate on the blooms.   

We sell these beautiful plants in 2 inch sizes, either in sets of 2 or 4 plants.  Happy planting!  

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