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Echeveria agavoides Succulent Spotlight

Echeveria agavoides Lipstick

Succulent Spotlight Echeveria agavoides

One of my first succulents was the Echeveria agavoides. I received it at wedding I attended at a time when I had no clue what a succulent was. Funny how life works like that.  

The agavoides is a small stemless succulent with apple green leaves and red margins. It is native to the rocky part of Mexico, and a member of the Crassulaceae.  It is commonly nicknamed Lipstick for the obvious red margins.

Echeveria agavoides is a small stemless succulent

The red margins will become a deeper, more profound red with stress from sunlight and letting the soil dry out. In the Spring and early Summer this succulent forms beautiful red flowers blooms.  With the right indoor care and lighting, you can safely grow this plant indoors.  

Large and small Echeveria agavoides in pots

This particular succulent loves rock gardens, fast draining soil, bright light, full sun in the mornings, and partial shade in the afternoons. It can grow to be 6 inches tall and 12 inches wide in the right conditions.  At full maturity this plant can handle full sun all day.  

Echeveria agavoides loves full sun, partial shade, bright light

If you need this clump forming, offset producing rosette in your life, I totally get it.  Luckily, you can purchase it here.

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