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Succulent Spotlight Sedum Donkeys Tail

Sedum Donkeys Tail

Large and Small Sedum Donkeys Tail This Sedum Morganianum is nicknamed the Donkeys Tail and Burros Tail. This beautiful light green hanging succulent is native to Honduras and Mexico. It does not have the typically frost hardiness of a Sedum, and will freeze and rot in temperatures below freezing. It will also not be the sun-loving Sedum that can handle full hot afternoon sun on the regular. It is quite fragile, and especially sensitive to its environment.

Young Sedum Burros Tail 2 inch size

When this succulent is young, it will initially grow upright. The tiny, plump oval-shaped light-green leaves cover the thin, flexible stems they are attached to. During this stage, they love bright shade and no direct sunlight.

mature Sedum Donkeys Tail 4 inch size

As this begins to grow the weight of the tiny leaves will force the stems to bend, causing the sprawling, hanging qualities of this plant. As this happens, the roots take a stronger hold on the soil they are planted in to balance the increase in weight. As it matures, it will still love bright shade, but can handle some early morning sunlight. Afternoon sun is not recommended.

Young and mature sedum morganianum

If you have pets, especially curious cats and dogs, there's a good chance they may see these as toys. Luckily these are pet safe and non-toxic if ingested. As they grow longer, you can prune them to keep them a certain hanging length. You can use the dropped leaves and pruned stems to create new plants often. Simply take the leaves and place them on top of a layer soil in a shady bright area. Take the pruned stems and leaves you cut off and plant them directly into fresh soil. In a month or so, you will have new plants to play with and share. We don't have our own image to share, but in the right conditions, you can expect this hanging succulent to bloom beautiful red flowers on their ends.

You can purchase this plant as a 2 inch or cuttings from us. 

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