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Elephant Bush Portulacaria afra Succulent Spotlight

Elephant Bush Portulacaria afra

Portulacaria afra Succulent Spotlight Elephant Bush Our Elephant Bush Portulacaria afra is a lovely shrub native to the much dryer east coast area of South Africa. And yes, elephants do indeed enjoy feasting on this plant, hence it's nickname. This green and sometimes creamy white small leafed succulent plant is one of the best carbon eaters out there, making it an excellent air purifier.

Small Elephant Bush loves purifying the air

Elephant Bush do well both indoors and outdoors. When used indoors, make sure to place it on a sunny south facing windowsill or an area that gets bright shade all day. Outdoors, when the plant is young, ideally place it in an area of your garden or patio that gets full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Indoors, this plant will purify your air, making it an excellent plant to have in your room or office for better sleep and work.

Mature Elephant Bush Portulacaria afra

Some people use these as ornamental bonsai, carefully trimming it to mimic bonsai tress. At full growth, these can get grow up to 8-15 feet tall, and the brown woody stems make it look almost like a tree.

Small and large Portulacaria afra Elephant Bush

This plant is available in both 2 inch and 4 inch sizes, and both options come with a Variegated version and standard green leaf version.
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