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Succulent Spotlight - Opuntia microdasys Polka Dot Cacti

Opuntia microdasys - Polka Dot Cacti

Polka Dot Cacti

People often refer to the Polka Dot cacti as the Mickey Mouse cacti for obvious reasons. This cacti has no spines, but has pale yellow glochids patterned all over their green colored and rounded pad-shaped leaves. This cacti absolutely loves sunlight and tolerates 100 degree F heat without breaking a sweat.

Polka dot cacti 2 inch

The 2 inch version of this plant makes a great ornamental windowsill cacti. Pair it with a cute pot that has a drainage hole and water this plant only when the soil is bone dry. Ideally place it is the sunniest window you have to ensure it gets enough sunlight.

Mature Polka Dot Opuntia microdasys Cacti

These cacti are fully capable of blooming if you provide the right conditions. If you keep the temperatures between 45 - 55 degrees F in the Winter, that encourages blooms in the Spring and Summer months. In the Summer, feed it heat and sunlight often. The blooms will occur on the tops of the leaves and will produce a red or purple colored flower.

Opunita microdasys potted in ceramic and terra cotta pots

This cacti wants humidity to stay between 10%-30% at all times. If you live in humid area, please consider planting these in containers that can easily be moved indoors. Also make when you bring them indoors the environment is climate controlled to prevent root rot.

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