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Senecio String of Tears Succulent Spotlight

String of Tears - Senecio Hanging Succulent

String of Tears potted Our hanging Senecio String of Tears takes the spotlight this week. These plants stay green year around and love to hang in the shade. Absolutely love bright indirect light and prefers the weather stay between 50 - 85 degrees F.  They are originally from South West Africa.

String of Tears mature and rooted in 4 inch pot

The String of Tears is a first cousin to the String of Pearls. Same growth pattern and color. The only difference is the shape of the leaves, which has a tear drop shape to them.  In the Spring they will bloom small creamy white flowers.  

String of Tears in 2 and 4 inch sizes

Propagating these are easy, but you'll need to propagate these in the Spring months, when they are actively growing. Take a long strand of the Tears, and cut off about 3 inches worth of the stem. Set the cutting on top of the soil and place it in a shady area. Do not water them, just give them a few weeks to root.

String of Pearls are available for sale online

Some of our customers say the String of Tears is easier to maintain and grow than the String of Pearls, but having worked with them both for years, I am not sure that is the case. With the proper care, these will flourish like any other succulent. Happy planting!
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