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Succ-Tastic Prices and Bad Puns

Bringing nursery fresh succulents straight to your door

Types of Indoor Succulent Plants





burro's tail

string of pearls

Indoor Succulents Collection

Jade and Crassula succulents are generally among the most forgiving succulents, making them a great choice for beginners. The secret to happy, healthy succulents is always going to be the right combination of light and water. Only water them when the soil is completely dry and plenty early morning or indirect sunlight. The jade and crassula plants will show you signs they aren't doing well long before they die. 

We will never shy away from our promise to you.

Tara Marie

I couldn't have been happier!

I ordered 48 succulents to give as favors for a Baby Shower I threw for my Best Friend. They not only arrived in time, but were packed beautifully! Not a single one was damaged, and they even accommodated my request to only have rosettes and as much pink and green as possible, to match the theme colors. Every Guest complimented them and the Mom-to-Be thought they were perfect! Thank you for providing such a key piece in creating such a special day!

Marilyn O.

Wonderful service and product!

Hi, I ordered 8 from California to Florida. When asked for a review, one was dying, and I mentioned this to the company more as a request for suggestions for saving it. However, they insisted on replacement and I received several more! I cannot praise this company and their customer service enough :raised_hand:. I love the plants I received; could not be happier! I only wish they were local so I could meet everyone and give them hugs!!!!

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Windowsill Succulent Collection

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