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Succulent Care tips & tricks

The Benefits of Grow Tents for Succulent Gardeners

Succulent grow tents are great for those who don't have the resources, be it money or space for a proper greenhouse.  Learn more about them here.

Hardest Succulents to Grow and Care For

There's a handful of succulents that are especially difficult to grow and care for.  Learn which one's are not for the faint of heart here.

Best Tips for Growing Succulents in Houston - Seasonal Guide

Growing succulents in Houston doesn't have to be hard.  Follow these care tips and earn your green thumb.

Preparing Your Succulents For Fall Season

Succulent care tips to help you take care of your succulents throughout the summer and into the fall. Find out how you can best prepare your succulents for fall season!

How to guides

How To Safely Move Succulents To Your New Address

Are you moving to a new address and plan on taking your succulents with you?  Here's some helpful tips to ensure your plants stay in good health throughout the moving process.

How to Care for Succulents over Summer - Sunlight, Water, Testing

Succulent summer success requires a solid plan for sunlight, water, testing and learning.

The Benefits and Importance of Gardening With Your Family

Read on to discover how and why gardening as a family is important and beneficial for everyone in your household.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Choose and Care for Indoor Plants

If you want to get indoor plants for your home, you should know how to choose and care for them. Click here for a helpful guide.

Succulent Plant Trends

We love to add new plants to our collection regularly, and we’re sure we have just the right product for you. 

popular plants

Beautiful accent plants for both indoor and outdoor environments

colorful succulents

Succulent & garden decor

Pros of Using Succulents for Decor at Weddings

Are you considering succulents for your upcoming wedding?  Here are 3 reasons why you should say yes to succulents!

10 reasons why succulents are the best plants around

Succulents are a great plant to have in your home. They can come in many different colors and shapes, they require little maintenance and they can get over drought conditions which is a plus!

This week's spotlight

Crassula falcata - Propeller Plant

The Crassula falcata Propeller Plant is for those looking for something unique.  Learn more about this succulent here.

Painted Echeveria nodulosa

The Painted Echeveria nodulosa - learn all about this sun-loving, wonderfully colored rosette now.

Beautiful succulents at affordable rates, guaranteed and shipped straight to you!

All you have to do is browse our online selection to pick out your next beautiful addition to your home, and we’ll send it right to you. We do everything we can to ensure the safe transportation of our plants, but we also understand that we have no control of how they’re taken care of after they leave our nursery -- that’s why we guarantee every plant we ship out in case it arrives to you in any condition other than absolutely perfect. 

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